Site-Wide Search Now Available

This website now features a search function which can be found in the left column. I have opted to use Google custom search since I have found that Google's search engine often is better at locating information than a website's own search engine. Google's search technology is simply far superior to many of the other search engines provided with various Content Management Systems (CMS). Adding search functionality was relatively easy, although it did require that I create a custom page type for the search results page. The reason for using a custom page type is because the HTML insert functionality in the Silverstripe CMS won't embed the Google search results page code properly; it performs some sort of operation after closing the HTML edit window that destroys it.

Why use XHTML at all?

I decided to add a Google Adsense bar discretely at the bottom of the page, and once again, I had trouble with Firefox. Internet Explorer displayed the page just fine, but Firefox added the new advertisement below the existing ads at the top of the page.

XHTML, Google Adsense, and Firefox 2

EDIT (2008/06/26): I have since encountered more problems with XHTML and Adsense, and have come up with a much simpler, and more effective, solution.