Installing Silverstripe on

Following up from one of the previous blog posts, I have deleted all the extra rewrite rules from the .htaccess file, and the CMS operates perfectly. So, here are the installation instructions for anyone wishing to use Silverstripe with These instructions may also solve problems on other hosts.

The URL Base Prepending Culprit has been Found

Previously I noticed that the CMS was sometimes prepending additional directories to the URL in links, but was at a loss to explain why. My solution at the time was to add more rewrite rules to the .htaccess file. However, today I noticed that the problem was still there, this time with the blog pages.

More CMS troubles

It would appear that I did not solve quite all the compatibility issues between Silverstripe and my web-host. Yesterday I was unable to upload files. The problem? It was once-again searching for files in the wrong locations. For some reason, it still insists on prepending "/admin/assets" to URLs - sometimes multiple times - when in the file uploads section.

I declare this site to be fully operational

Whilst this site looked like it was working just fine, I was having some trouble with the CMS. For example, the security, comments and files & images administration pages weren't working. On the public part of the site, the blog tags and archive links resulted in "page not found" errors.