Blog » Month in Review - September 2008

Month in Review - September 2008

This month spam comments and hacking attempts have become almost continuous. Akismet is doing a fairly good job of filtering out spam. However, a few very objectionable spam comments are still getting through. For now I have simply deleted these, but if it becomes worse, I may have to install Captcha as well. Captcha requires users to enter letters presented in image form, thus making it hard for spam-bots to automatically post spam comments. Silverstripe has a Captcha module available so it should be fairly easy to add.

In terms of content, this site has continued to grow at a very slow pace. Finishing up a Ph.D. has taken up a significant amount of time. As a result, there have been fewer blog posts, and fewer website updates than originally planned. However, the RadeonHD project continues to progress. A screen has now been opened successfully on a Radeon HD 2400 Pro card (see here).

The statistics for the last month:

 Number of Pages
 Size of site  32.1 MB
 Number of Visits 2169 (AWStats), 741 (Google Analytics), 7131 (Webalizer)
 Number of unique visitors
 1293 (AWStats), 589 (Google Analytics), 2439 (unique sites, Webalizer)
 Total page views
 6296 (AWStats), 1707 (Google Analytics), 19999 (Webalizer)
 Bandwidth 746.4 MB (AWStats), 762.2 MB (Webalizer)
 Adsense Revenue

One important thing to note is that Google Analytics only sees page-views on the public part of the site, whereas AWStats and Webalizer also log the accesses by me to the CMS pages that are used to maintain and update the site.

A snap-shot of visitor locations on 1 October 2008.


Blog » Month in Review - September 2008

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Blog » Month in Review - September 2008