Blog » Month in Review - October 2008

Month in Review - October 2008

This month saw a sizable traffic spike due to progress with the RadeonHD project. In particular, the log entry for the first major milestone saw over one-thousand page-views (1043 and counting); that is over half the total number of page views for the entire website in September (1707). The website has also grown to over one hundred pages (107 pages, or 108 including this blog entry). Thus, adding a search feature should probably be made soon, in order to help people locate information.

The statistics for the last month:

 Number of Pages
 Size of site  34.85 MB
 Number of Visits 4348 (AWStats), 2077 (Google Analytics), 8498 (Webalizer)
 Number of unique visitors
 2728 (AWStats), 1537 (Google Analytics), 4217 (unique sites, Webalizer)
 Total page views
 11218 (AWStats), 4663 (Google Analytics), 22893 (Webalizer)
 Bandwidth 1.98 GiB (AWStats), 1.98 GiB (Webalizer)
 Adsense Revenue

One important thing to note is that Google Analytics only sees page-views on the public part of the site, whereas AWStats and Webalizer also log the accesses by me to the CMS pages that are used to maintain and update the site.

A snap-shot of visitor locations on 2 November 2008 (I forgot to take a snapshot on the first of the month.



Blog » Month in Review - October 2008

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Blog » Month in Review - October 2008