Blog » Month in Review - December 2008

Month in Review - December 2008

This month has seen significant additions to this website, as can be seen with an increase from 112 to 132 pages. I have had much more time to spend on this site than usual, due in part to not having my Amiga one and, thus, being unable to work on the RadeonHD for Amiga OS 4 project. There as also been more free time in general.

The major addition to the website has been the a section on setting up and using a Trac and Subversion server. This section was written as I personally went through the process of setting up such a server and wrote scripts to automate the process. More additions to the website are planned as and when the underlying work is finished. Writing tutorials/instructions does slow down the overall development process, however, it should provide more complete documentation than if I try to write things down at a later date. 

AWStats and Webalizer switched off mysteriously round 23 December, so the statistics from these tools are useless for this month. However, Google Analytics is so much more powerful in terms of web traffic analysis that this is no big loss.

The statistics for the last month:

 Number of Pages
 Size of site 36.7 MiB (+ 39.7 MiB for the database)
 Number of Visits 1017 (Google Analytics)
 Number of unique visitors
763 (Google Analytics)
 Total page views
2375 (Google Analytics)
 Bandwidth 822 MiB (server control panel)
 Adsense Revenue

One important thing to note is that Google Analytics only sees page-views on the public part of the site, whereas AWStats and Webalizer also log the accesses by me to the CMS pages that are used to maintain and update the sit.

A snap-shot of visitor locations on 1 January 2009.


Blog » Month in Review - December 2008

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  • Hi Money Maker,

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    Posted by Hans, 24/10/2009 6:39pm (11 years ago)

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Blog » Month in Review - December 2008