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Doctor of Philosophy

Yes, I have finally graduated from graduate school with a Ph.D. (i.e., Doctor of Philosophy). In New Zealand, graduate studies are called post-graduate studies (because they occur after graduating with a bachelors university degree), but they are one and the same. This has taken five years from starting in a Masters program at the University of Toronto through to graduating with a doctorate. It is great to finally be finished.

My area of research was computer vision. More specifically, I developed a methodology for tracking the full 3D position and orentation (i.e.,  the 6-dof pose) of a rigid object in real-time, for the purpose of using that information in a robotic/autonomous system. One of the innovations developed by me, was being able to track the 6-dof pose of an object without requiring a 3D model to be provided beforehand. Those who want more information about my work, please visit the about page; it contains links to my papers. I will also link to my Thesis once it is publically available.

So where to now? Well, I could either enter the "real world" and find a job, or continue with post-doctoral studies. Becoming an academic at a university or performing research in industry are the two major career paths that I could choose. Right now, all options are still on the table. Either way, I will be involved in engineering/science related research.

Blog » Doctor of Philosophy

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Blog » Doctor of Philosophy