Improving this Website's Usability

A screenshot of the new and improved HDRLab website
A screenshot of the new and improved HDRLab website.

This website has undergone some changes recently in order to improve its usability. In chronological order, they are:

Google AdSense Account has Been Disabled

Some visitors may have noticed that the Google avertisements on this website have disappeared. This is due to Google deciding to disable my account because they detected "invalid clicks." Last month I noticed an unusual spike in AdSense earnings and expected them to drop again. Well, the earnings didn't drop at all. It looks as if these earnings were due to people deliberately clicking on advertisements that they have no interest in. Whilst I did suspect that this was happening (all the clicks were on the top banner, and there were too many of them), I am personally not responsible for them; nor did I know of any way to counter this. Naturally, the Google Adsense "invalid click" detection algorithms picked this up, and my account was promptly disabled without warning. I did appeal, citing that I am not responsible for these clicks, but I received a standard email reply stating that the account would not be reinstated.

Month in Review - February 2009

This month has seen further development of the RadeonHD driver, and a few more OpenGL templates. Fewer additions to this website occurred because I have been spending more time working on various projects. Unlike other websites, adding pages to this site requires extra work to develop the software/technology upon which the page is based (except for random musings in this blog). This results in fewer updates, but also less rambling.