Technorati vs. Blogged vs. Zimbio - The Verdict

Several months have passed since I signed up to Technorati, Blogged, and Zimbio. Of interest was seeing whether these sites could help increase traffic to this website. A week after signing up, I noted that Technorati was the only one to produce any hits. Now, months later, which one was the most effective? Which one is the "winner?" That title goes to Technorati. However, my initial skepticism has also been proven right; even Technorati has failed to produce much more than a handful of visits.

Amiga Workbench on a Radeon X1300

Workbench being displayed by a Radeon X1300 graphics card.The first major milestone in the RadeonHD project has been reached; Amiga Workbench (indeed, any screen) can now be displayed by the RadeonHD driver on Amiga OS 4.x. Dragging of large windows can be sluggish due to lack of hardware graphics acceleration. Despite this, movies are playable, albeit with higher CPU usage. This sluggishness and high CPU usage will disappear once hardware acceleration is implemented. 

CopyScape - Combatting Plagiarism

Page copy protected against web site content infringement by CopyscapeYesterday I discussed the existence of software tools that steal other people's content in order to make money via advertising. In that post, I mentioned that I was tempted to write a bot that would scan for thieves of my content. Well, as I was submitting that post to Digg, I stumbled upon a service that does just that, Copyscape. Whilst checking a complete website costs money, they have a free service that allows checking a single page for plagiarism. 

Automated Theft of Copyrighted Content

The myriads of websites that give advice on "how to make money online" have a common theme running through them: have lots of quality content on your website that people want to read. So, how does one obtain this large volume of quality content? There are those who have the ability to create/write it themselves. Others have built up their site to the point that they can pay others to write for them. Then there are so-called "community" or "social-networking" that effectively get their users to produce the content themselves. The final option is to steal someone else's content. I have previously noted that there is considerably less original content on the internet than there are websites/pages. Even worse,

Month in Review - September 2008

This month spam comments and hacking attempts have become almost continuous. Akismet is doing a fairly good job of filtering out spam. However, a few very objectionable spam comments are still getting through. For now I have simply deleted these, but if it becomes worse, I may have to install Captcha as well. Captcha requires users to enter letters presented in image form, thus making it hard for spam-bots to automatically post spam comments. Silverstripe has a Captcha module available so it should be fairly easy to add.