Are Web Directories Obsolete?

When was the last time that you used a web directory in order to find a site? In fact, when was the last time that you used a web directory for anything? The last time that I even looked at a directory was after Website Grader noted that this website did not appear in DMOZ or Yahoo's directory. Other than that, I probably haven't used a directory to find information in over a decade. My first instinct is to use Google, and just try different keywords until I find what I'm looking for.

Find Out Your Website's Grade

I stumbled upon an interesting and potentially useful website grading service today. Website Grader examines the homepage of a website, and brings together data from multiple sources in order to give an idea of how effective the marketing effectiveness of that website. More importantly, it provides tips on how to improve. For example, this website is not listed on DMOZ and Yahoo Directories, something that could be done in order to improve ranking.

Technorati vs. Blogged vs. Zimbio - The Verdict

Several months have passed since I signed up to Technorati, Blogged, and Zimbio. Of interest was seeing whether these sites could help increase traffic to this website. A week after signing up, I noted that Technorati was the only one to produce any hits. Now, months later, which one was the most effective? Which one is the "winner?" That title goes to Technorati. However, my initial skepticism has also been proven right; even Technorati has failed to produce much more than a handful of visits.

Automated Theft of Copyrighted Content

The myriads of websites that give advice on "how to make money online" have a common theme running through them: have lots of quality content on your website that people want to read. So, how does one obtain this large volume of quality content? There are those who have the ability to create/write it themselves. Others have built up their site to the point that they can pay others to write for them. Then there are so-called "community" or "social-networking" that effectively get their users to produce the content themselves. The final option is to steal someone else's content. I have previously noted that there is considerably less original content on the internet than there are websites/pages. Even worse,

Technorati Ping is Back

Earlier it was noted that Technorati had stopped updating its listing for this blog. Well, as of today, it is back up and running (see this blog's page on Technorati here). I received no response from my support request. However, they have fixed whatever problem was causing it to fail.

Technorati Ping no Longer Working

Technorati has not updated this blog's posts in nineteen days. This is despite me using their manual ping function every time that a new entry is posted. Problems with updating started occurring some time after I started using FeedBurner. Whether these two events are related or not is uncertain. Technorati is certainly updating most Blog feeds.

Traffic Spike

The announcement made last weekend regarding the RadeonHD for Amiga OS 4 driver project resulted in a spike in traffic to this website. This spike was triggered simply by mentioning this project on two of the online Amiga forums. Other websites quickly picked up on these links and posted their own links to the project page. As a result, the number of visitors over the next few days dwarfed the average visitors per day for the rest of the month (see the plot below). It has since dropped down, and it remains to be seen if traffic levels will drop all the way down to their original level, or remain slightly higher.

Reddit is Unfriendly

Today I decided to have a look at social networking type sites such as Reddit. Reddit allows users to submit links to interesting pages and vote them up or down. The idea sounds good; popular articles should rise to the top whilst unpopular/uninteresting ones will fade into obscurity. Despite the site simply looking like yet another news feed, I decided to take a closer look.

Increasing Traffic is Like Moving a Car that is Stuck in Mud

Getting a car that is stuck in mud moving, requires considerable effort. Once the car is in motion, however, greater traction is gained, and the car can be accelerated more easily. Likewise, increasing traffic to a new website is rather difficult and requires effort; but, once a certain level of traffic has been achieved, increasing traffic further becomes much easier.

Technorati vs. Blogged vs. Zimbio - One Week In

It has been a week since this blog was added to Technorati, Blogged, and Zimbio. So far, my predictions have been slightly off-mark. As expected, not much extra traffic has been seen from any of these sources. However, it was originally thought that Blogged would provide the most traffic. Instead, most traffic (out of these sites) has come from Technorati.

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