Amiga Workbench on a Radeon X1300

Workbench being displayed by a Radeon X1300 graphics card.The first major milestone in the RadeonHD project has been reached; Amiga Workbench (indeed, any screen) can now be displayed by the RadeonHD driver on Amiga OS 4.x. Dragging of large windows can be sluggish due to lack of hardware graphics acceleration. Despite this, movies are playable, albeit with higher CPU usage. This sluggishness and high CPU usage will disappear once hardware acceleration is implemented. 

RadeonHD for Amiga OS 4.x - Mode Setting for the Radeon HD 2400 Pro

A generous donor gave me a Diamond Radeon HD 2400 Pro PCI graphics card. This card uses the RV610 chipset and is, thus, one generation ahead of the Radeon x1300 that was used during initial development. After plugging the new graphics card into the Amigaone, I have successfully opened a screen on this new card. This required a small set of changes to the code. Since development of this driver relies heavily on the open-source RadeonHD driver for Linux (the documentation alone is not enough), I had already added most of the code specific to driving R6xx cards prior to receiving actual hardware.

RadeonHD for Amiga OS 4.x - The First Project

An image shown by a Radeon X1300 graphics card in an Amiga-oneThe first truly personal development project is finally online. Over half a year ago I installed a Radeon X1300 PCI graphics card into my Amiga-on, with the intention to develop an Amiga OS 4.x driver for such cards. Till now this project has been kept silent because I do not with to announce something that will never be finished. Today, the first major milestone was reached; the graphics card was programmed with a 1280x1024 true-colour screen mode and an image was displayed.