Site Statistics for June 2009

The statistics for June 2009 are:

Site Statistics for May 2009

The statistics for May 2009 are:

Site Statistics for April 2009

I have decided to drop the "month in review" blog posts in favour of simply posting the statistics. The montly reviews seem a bit pointless now that developing and maintaining this website has become routine. The statistics for April 2009 are:

Month in Review - March 2009

This month, the major change to this website was a proper logo, and corresponding layout changes. This was motivated in part due to Google disabling my AdSense account (thanks to visitors to this site making invalid clicks on AdSense advertisements). Other improvements to usability, have also been made. I did intend to write a blog entry regarding creating logos with no budget, but I have lacked the free time necessary to make that happen. Maybe later...

Month in Review - February 2009

This month has seen further development of the RadeonHD driver, and a few more OpenGL templates. Fewer additions to this website occurred because I have been spending more time working on various projects. Unlike other websites, adding pages to this site requires extra work to develop the software/technology upon which the page is based (except for random musings in this blog). This results in fewer updates, but also less rambling.

Month in Review - January 2009

This month has seen a move to a newer, faster server. Just to give an idea of how much difference this makes, Google's search-bot took an average of 2.2 seconds to download a page on the old server, whereas a page download now takes about 0.5 seconds. That's approximately 4 times faster. 

Month in Review - December 2008

This month has seen significant additions to this website, as can be seen with an increase from 112 to 132 pages. I have had much more time to spend on this site than usual, due in part to not having my Amiga one and, thus, being unable to work on the RadeonHD for Amiga OS 4 project. There as also been more free time in general.

Month in Review - November 2008

Little has happened here over the last month. I have simply had too little time to work on this website. In particular, moving to New Zealand took up a significant amount of time.

Month in Review - October 2008

This month saw a sizable traffic spike due to progress with the RadeonHD project. In particular, the log entry for the first major milestone saw over one-thousand page-views (1043 and counting); that is over half the total number of page views for the entire website in September (1707). The website has also grown to over one hundred pages (107 pages, or 108 including this blog entry). Thus, adding a search feature should probably be made soon, in order to help people locate information.

Month in Review - September 2008

This month spam comments and hacking attempts have become almost continuous. Akismet is doing a fairly good job of filtering out spam. However, a few very objectionable spam comments are still getting through. For now I have simply deleted these, but if it becomes worse, I may have to install Captcha as well. Captcha requires users to enter letters presented in image form, thus making it hard for spam-bots to automatically post spam comments. Silverstripe has a Captcha module available so it should be fairly easy to add.

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