Blog » I'm Still Here; Just Incredibly Busy

I'm Still Here; Just Incredibly Busy

There hasn't been much activity on this blog or website lately. In fact, this is the first post to this blog in almost six months! This is just a quick post to let you know that I'm still here, but just incredibly busy. 

My company - Kea Sigma Delta - and its colour correction software is taking up the vast majority of my time. Starting a company is easy; it's building that company that takes a lot of effort. In the process I'm learning a lot about non-engineering stuff like marketing (which is essential for business). Sometimes it feels like I'm studying for a second PhD.

Anyway, it will likely continue to be quiet here for a while longer. To pass the time, feel free to post an interesting business success (or failure) story in the comments below.

Blog » I'm Still Here; Just Incredibly Busy

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Blog » I'm Still Here; Just Incredibly Busy