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Heartbleed OpenSSL Bug Update

HeartbleedBy now you should probably have heard about the “heartbleed” bug in OpenSSL. Well, this website is hosted on a server running OpenSSL. Fortunately, the web hosting provider is very quick with responding to such issues When I tested this website for the bug, I was pleased to see that it was immune.

While it is highly unlikely that this website's SSL certificate or any data was compromised, I have replaced the SSL certificate (complete with new private key) as a precautionary measure. It is recommended that you change your password now; not just on this website, but on other websites too. This can be done by visiting the “Forgot password” page, and following the instructions.

Blog » Heartbleed OpenSSL Bug Update

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  • This is a fundamental clarification of how the Heartbleed bug functions. The Heartbleed bug is an imperfection in the OpenSSL strategy for information encryption utilized by a considerable lot of the world's sites, which was really put into the code incidentally. OpenSSL contains a capacity known as a pulse alternative.

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Blog » Heartbleed OpenSSL Bug Update